Welcome to Make The Leap! Coaching and Your Private, Secure and Confidential Client Website!

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1. Prepare for each coaching session using your call strategy form.  The day before each coaching appointment, you will receive an email reminder with a link for you to access and complete the call strategy form.

2. View, schedule or reschedule your appointmentsAt any time review the calendar for upcoming appointments, and/or reschedule appointments.  I’ll be notified immediately of changes and updates, so help yourself if you need to change any appointment information.

3. Update your information at anytime on any of the forms within the system.

4. Record and check progress on your goals 

5. Review the terms in the coaching agreement

6. Monitor your payments

7. Access resources



Please register as a new client (using the "Register Now" link above).

Once you have registered I will need to activate your client access. This process could take up to 48 hours so thank you for your patience.  After you receive your activation email with your username and password, follow the instructions below and fill out the 12 Questions to Start form.  Please understand any information is extremely confidential and never shared.

Instructions for new clients

1. Click "Login" to enter your username and password.

2. Click on the "Forms" Menu to access and complete the Welcome Packet Forms: Your Profile, 12 Questions to Start and Your Goals.

3. Click on and review our coaching agreement.

4. Click "Calendar" to schedule your appointments within the designated block of "Available" time according to the terms of our coaching agreement.

5. Payments can be made online through my secured payment processing option.


Please call Curt for any questions or inquiries: (888) 848-3130